Meta & Ditto

by Adam Ferriss

Adam Ferriss has created two augmented-reality experiences accessible through the Coachella Camera feature in the Coachella mobile app. By tapping the screen, Meta makes a sun-kissed, Polaroid-esque frame appear and float in space. Move your device around and see the framed view from different angles. You can capture your favorite images, leave a postcard in space and share on social media.

Ditto works more like a drawing tool: Hold your finger on the screen and move or wave the phone through space to leave a ribbon trailing in the wake.

“I’m most interested in making tools and enabling expression,” the artist says. “I want them to be easy and enjoyable to use. I’m excited to see what people produce with this.”

Meta & Ditto

Adam Ferriss is known for creating spectacular moving digital art by manipulating source images, computer code and algorithms to psychedelic effect. The Los Angeles-based artist uses a variety of programming languages and, more recently, augmented reality to create trippy, hypnotic visuals, often in real-time and employing the feedback loop as a digital agent of change. Ferriss, who earned his BFA at Maryland Institute College of Art and MFA at UCLA, relies on a continuous push and pull with technology, always calculating just how much control algorithms have over the final work.

To experience Adam Ferriss’  AR experiences, download the Coachella App and activate the Coachella Camera (available exclusively on iOS).

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