We teamed up with Global Inheritance to start the Carpoolchella program in 2007. Carpool with four or more to a vehicle and you might win:

  • Grand Prize: VIP passes to Coachella for Life
  • “Guest” Backstage Passes
  • VIP Pass Upgrades
  • Outstanding in the Field Dinner
  • $50 Coachella Merchandise Vouchers
  • Sunday Pop-up Dinner
  • Ferris Wheel Vouchers
  • $20 Food Vouchers

How to Participate

Participate by simply displaying the word “Carpoolchella” the size of an 8.5″x11″ piece of paper or larger on your car and arrive at the festival by Sunday at 2:00p. Get creative and make it easy to spot! You can also easily print this Carpoolchella sign.

During the weekend from Thurday to Sunday, one secret spotter will randomly be out and about at one of the parking and/or camping entrances watching people drive in. Random cars with four or more people with “Carpoolchella” on their dash or written on their car might be approached for questioning upon driving in and get to draw a prize. (Prizes listed above). Read official rules & check out some past participants below.

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