Coachella Art Studios

Coachella Art Studios

Wander into our euphoric D.I.Y. craft installation where we supply the materials for you to enhance and shape your Coachella experience. Chop and screw new fashion accessories, press your own pin, wire wrap jewels, and roll on your fav essential oil. All of this, and much more, awaits you in the camping center (LOT 8) from 10am – 2pm FRI-SUN

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Twiss One Up
Craft Category: Fashion
Nothing worse than a bad hair day at Coachella. Make sure you look fabulous in all your photos with a personalized head wrap that you design and create in the Art Studios. You can also make a cell phone carrier to take those hot pix with. We provide the fabric, the wire and all you have to do is slap it all together.

Craft Category: Fashion
Is the desert even hotter than you imagined? Wearing too much? Need to alter that tshirt? Cut the dress shorter? Come to this cut & sew station to borrow our sewing machine and get fashion tips on how to alter your wardrobe for your day out on the field.

Lunar Jewelz
Craft Category: Fashion
After you alter your clothes and craft your own hair wrap, top the look off with hand-picked jewels plucked directly from the desert. Wrap wire and leather around these jewels to customize your own headpiece, necklace and/or bracelet.

Aroma Fest
Craft Category: Wellness
Festivals are a whole lotta fun, and also (let’s be honest) a little stressful. However, nothing that a little self care and aromatherapy can’t fix! Here is where you can create your own healing aromatherapy roll-on. Then head over to Lunar Jewelz and they’ll help you make it a neckpiece.

Button Up
Craft Category: Paper
No concert outfit is complete without a D.I.Y. button supporting your favorite band or artist to pin to your shirt. Pick it, design it, press it, then rock it..

Go Figure
Craft Category: Illustration
The best part about Coachella is often times other people in the audience. Here is where you have the rare opportunity to stare at them long enough to draw them. We are having a live figure drawing this year and you won’t want to miss what we have in store for you.

Bahula Blocks
Craft Category: College
Think Polaroid, but heavier. Choose an image and we will then show you how to register it on to a wooden block. Take this image home with you to remember your Coachella experience by, in physical form.

Eye Scream ZINE
Craft Category: Literary + College
Zines are kind of the best thing ever. And here is where you can craft your own. We supply the paper, the cut outs, the magazines and of course… the glue sticks.

Color Cubix
Craft Category: Tech + Experience
Get lost in a box that functions more as machine. Kinda like a UFO. We are not saying we are going to abduct you, however this experience is pretty outer worldly and you’re guaranteed to never be the same again. Muahahahahaa

Sound Selections
Craft Category: Music
Art and music go hand-in-hand. To get your creative juices flowing out there we have some really fun hand-picked DJs for you to vibe with. This year it’s an all-star-all-girl lineup because… Beyonce. Get ready to shake your rump.

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