Pop Up Restaurants

The Pop Up Restaurants are located near the white peak tents in VIP. Make a reservation through Open Table or walk up to enjoy a sit down, full service meal at our three pop-up restaurants.

**Must have VIP festival pass.


Location: Los Angeles |  Owner: Luke Stone | Owner/Chef: Curtis Stone

The opening of Gwen is a decade-long dream realized for Curtis and Luke, who were first inspired by Gwen’s namesake: their maternal grandmother who lived on a farm outside of Melbourne. It was on Gwen’s farm where they were first exposed to livestock farming, which instilled in them great respect for the process of raising animals for food. Both started their careers in a butcher shop, before Curtis went on to cook in Michelin-starred restaurants while Luke honed his business acumen as the owner and manager of a corporate floristy business in Australia. Working together, they are bringing a world-class butcher shop and dining experience to Los Angeles.



The Exchange

Location: DTLA | Chef: Alex Chang

Freehand LA’s restaurant, The Exchange, pays homage to the 12 story vintage blade sign (the largest in LA) under which its entrance proudly sits.

The restaurant is led by the team behind Bar Lab, who brought us the beloved 27 Restaurant at Freehand Miami, and Angeleno chef Alex Chang, best known locally for his Paladar dinner series.



Little Pine

Location: Los Angeles | Owner: Moby | Chef: Laura Louise Oates

he food at little pine is, of course, why the restaurant exists.  i wanted the food at little pine to be mediterranean and california inspired, and effortlessly plant based.  having been a vegan for 28 years i’ve seen vegan food go from plates of mashed yeast (thanks, woody allen), to remarkable celebrations of produce and organic ingredients.  the food at little pine is always vegan, with no exceptions.  i don’t eat non-vegan food at home, so i don’t know why i’d serve anything other than vegan food in my restaurant.

and for the non-sober: little pine also has a remarkable and extensive vegan wine menu.  28 years ago a vegan meal would’ve been canned beans and yeast with a glass of warm water.  now it can be broccoli arancini, truffled pasta, and a glass of pinot noir.

so, that’s little pine.  a vegan restaurant in a baffling little art-deco building in silver lake.

hopefully see you soon,




Open Table

Coachella Music Festival goers will have the chance to dine at one of three restaurants during both festival weekends at Coachella. The three restaurants will offer a prix-fixe menu. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to dine out at one of these highly anticipated restaurants, and book your seat through OpenTable today.

**Must have VIP festival pass.

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