Trip Planning

Don’t leave anything to chance. Nail down all the details about where you’re staying, how to get here and where you’re going to park.

Getting Here

Everything you need to know to get to the show.

Get driving directions, shuttle info, airports, bus & train service, car rentals, electric vehicle info, rideshare, taxi, limo, black car and pick-up/drop-off info.


Driving to Coachella? Find out what to do with your car.

Where to Stay

Whether you’re looking to pile in with friends or lounge in the lap of luxury, Coachella has lodging options for every attendee.

Hotel Travel Packages and Shuttles

Exclusively from Valley Music Travel

Valley Music Travel is the exclusive provider of premium services for fans looking to enhance their Coachella experience. Sit back and let VMT handle the logistics for you with a Travel Package that includes passes, hotel accommodations, and Any Line, Any Time Shuttle transportation. Need a ride but not sure from where? Individual Any Line, Any Time shuttle passes also available.

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