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Coachella 2018 Lineup Playlist

It’s finally Coachella season. The days are getting longer and nights are warmer, there seems to be something magic in the air. All the senses are heightened and anticipation for that weekend in April runs through your body like the chills from seeing your favorite band.

Made in the Shade

The first half of the day is best soundtracked by relaxing tunes that will prepare you for whatever the sun brings. But be easy, because the sun is mighty. It’s like when you want to get to Coachella early to discover something new. A long day awaits, so stay cool and you’ll be Made in the Shade.

Songs with Palms

Eventually it’s time to make moves and pick up the energy. Maybe it’s breakfast, maybe it’s a walk, a bike ride, or a long drive with all the windows down. Can you almost feel the desert wind that makes the trees move? We share something in common, dancing to all the Songs with Palms.

Day Wave

There’s nothing better than a carefree sunny day with the perfect playlist to match the mood. Make plans with friends because it’s never too early to dance. Like when you’re feeling 10/10 and first get through the front gates, catch a vibe and ride the Day Wave.

Sundown Sounds

Things change when the evening arrives. Dusk is a journey, not just a destination. These tunes made for twilight have enough energy to excite for the night. It’s like when the sun sets behind the mountains. Coolness revives every fan at the festival and it’s time for Sundown Sounds.

Nights and Lights

The moon is here with music distinctly for dancing. It’s like when you grab your friends and someone special, run into the crowds, and let it all go. Don’t worry about what you look like, or what your neighbor is doing. Focus on the sounds from the speakers, you’re ready for Nights and Lights.

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